This is The Chordstore, a simple guitar learning platform on web, active since 2018  and founded in India. This is an easy and simple way to learn song’s  guitar chords and tabs, where chords putted in top of the lyrics and coloured in green and blue which makes more visible and easy to see and understand the song’s chords. You can easily transpose the chords with numbers.

The Chordstore provides updated song’s chords and tabs with maximum accuracy and comfortable to read which makes it fast growing source in online guitar chords lesson’s world.

We collect the songs from over the world to provide you a large collection of song’s chords and tabs. Get the chords and tabs what you want. If you have any suggestion for us then feel free and contact with us. We will try to fulfill your recomandations.

Keep Playing Keep Connected.

Anup Toppo

About Me

Hello Happy Guitarists. My name is Anup. I’m a musician and a backend developer. I have started The Chordstore in 2018. Hope you like the chords we provide you.

Thank You.

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