Zoom ZG2NU Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

Zoom ZG2NU Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

About Product

  • 30 types of redesigned drive sounds
  • USB interface allows direct recording to a computer
  • Direct Mode optimal for recording
  • Large 1.9-inch LCD panel supports new intuitive interface
  • ZFX-3 recreates tube amp characteristics

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We all want that one pedal that does it all, right? A bunch of awesome amp models (hey, Steve Vai, give us, say, 20 of your faves). Dozens upon dozens of effects.

Heck, while we’re daydreaming, why not throw in a cool-sounding drum machine, a looper, a primo tuner…. heck, why not just build a USB interface into it, so we can record directly to the computer? What’s that? There’s a REAL pedal that does all that? And it’s HOW much? No way! Yep.

Zoom’s G2Nu pedal packs all this firepower and more, and it even comes complete with Cubase LE recording software. It’s easy to use, it’s very, very portable, and it’s ready for action. Get yours now!