Zoom AC-2 Acoustic Guitar Effect Pedal

Zoom AC-2 Acoustic Guitar Effect Pedal

About Product

  • 16 source guitar type/body presets for accurate tone reproduction
  • Includes high-quality preamp, reverb effect, piezo/magnetic input pickup select, and 3-band equalizer
  • Input and output gain/sensitivity adjustable via single volume knob (patent pending)
  • Anti-feedback control and built-in chromatic visual-led Tuner
  • Boost switch for up to 9 dB of additional gain

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THE ZOOM AC-2 Acoustic Creator Amplify your acoustic sound with the Zoom AC-2 Acoustic Creator.

The AC-2 is a DI (direct box) that encompasses all you need to deliver natural guitar tone on stage or in the studio. The AC-2 automatically restores tone lost through acoustic pickups, so your sound is always lush, resonant, and faithful to the instrument you have in hand.