About Product

  • Can be attached to the headstock of nearly any instrument
  • Bright, high-contrast LED screen is easy to see in any environment
  • Ultra-light, compact design for discreet & convenient tuning
  • Class-leading accuracy and precision
  • Reverse function lets you invert the vertical orientation of the display; Auto power-off function

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The GripTune from Korg is an ultra-compact clamp-type tuner that can be adjusted to fit nearly any headstock! The GripTune offers convenient & discrete tuning with the accuracy & precision you come to expect from Korg.

The tuning innovator and creator of numerous clip-on tuners, introduces the GripTune, clamp-type tuner. With a weight of just 13 grams (0.46 oz) and an ultra-compact size, it can be unobtrusively attached to the headstock of your guitar for casual yet precise tuning. Dimensions (W x D x H):1.69 inch x 1.14 inch x 0.94 inch.