Belear Couturier Series Golden Shark Guitar Capo

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  • Aircraft-grade zinc alloy metal frame for sturdiness and reliability
  • Soft silicone teeth for clean sound from strings
  • Stays in the tube with a great intonation in all frets
  • Ultra resistance professional guitar capo
  • Includes high-performance memory steel spring
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Belear couturier series golden shark guitar capo can easily fit on the fretboard and eliminate any unwanted spring buzz. It comes in eye-catching shark design in the golden finish offer a good grip and flawless finish.

Belear golden shark capo is perfect for guitarists who want a cool look. This guitar capo is made almost of every guitar helps to stay in tune with a great intonation in all frets. Most importantly, it is very easy to fit on the guitar and have very adequate padding to protect the guitar neck.

Golden shark guitar capo creates no buzzing or deadening of strings. Brand: Belear Series: Couturier series Color: Golden Accessory type: Guitar accessory Material: High-grade zinc alloy Spring material: High-performance memory steel spring Protective pads: Recycled and durable soft silicone Dimensions: 14cm X 11cm X 2cm Weight: 86 g 1-year manufacturer warranty.


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