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Examples for formating chords:

[Bm]When I’m in my thoughts [D]sometimes
It’s [G]hard to believe
I’m the person you think I [Bm]am
The person that you tell [D]me you lov[G]e
[Bm]I’m on my ten thou[D]sandth life
[G]Nine thousand nine hundred nine
And it slipped my [Bm]hands
But this the one I’m not giv[D]in’ up[G]

Tips :

You have to format all the chords in this way. There should be a gap between the verses and the chorus. You can also sign [VER] or [CHO].

We will check the song chords you have submitted and your song chords will be uploaded in the website after your song is completely approved by authority. Contact us in case of any problem.

How people know thats your chords:

We will mentor your name along with the song chords. Which will show that this song chords has been formatted by you.

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